Its been loosin…

Its been loosing up a bit, maybe because of the weater, the sun is shining today and no clouds in sight 🙂 Living in a place where nothing happens and if it happens gosh how curious people are. Been here for a while now and starting to get adapted to it but sure do long for being ‘nobody’ again and where people not care… but writing it, it feels not good, nobody will help you there and I guess here even if they are curious they will help you if something happens.

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not the easiest thing but none is Ive noticed… everything was easier before when I was younger and had nothing more than myself to take care of. Why should life be so difficult? It sure is ups and downs all the time and most of the time is just is… time just fly and you wonder where it went. You havent done nothing…
Ive been in this period for some time now, you just are and time passes. I wanna do something more of my life, like I did before. It feels like I lived better before, when I just did things because I wanted to.
Never blogged, never written really anything on the net really, I wonder how many people will come to read this… I would be super glad If people around the world saw my words just because, I love the world and the people and its just too big to comprehend…
P. 🙂

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